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B says:

so, r u against the carbon trading thing????
so….. tell me why????

I say:

“It’s hard to explain in just a small comment on FB. Basically it’s claimed as a market based solution, it will create a bubble, bubbles in economics are bad, Australia making 1% of the world’s man made carbon, jumping in first will kill our exports leading to 20% or higher unemployment. If India, China or the US do it then we should otherwise they won’t trade with us (killing our exports again). We need to focus on real pollution. Carbon levels have been way higher 100’s of years ago because of volcanoes. Graphs by the IPCC are rigged so they can get more funding to keep telling us the sky is falling. Bob Carter of Cook Uni Qld writes good stuff on carbon. Carbon makes plants grow. Carbon in the ocean mainly comes for the earths center of the earth (kinda like volcanoes). Hence around these carbon spewing hole on the ocean floor, lot of seaweed grows.

The founder of the LDP wrote an alternative to an ETS. It’s a cost neutral carbon tax. It’s very deep in economic mumbo-jumbo and I’m yet to decide on it but the premise sounds bad.
The nanny statist believe taxing things higher makes people buy them less.
This has been proved wrong in many cases, so they’re either lying or revenue raising so the pollies get pay rises each year. Example of “taxing to deter” epically failing: alipops – everyone just buys straight booze. Tax on fatty foods – It’s not in yet as such, but the GST was placed on take-away and junk food in the supermarkets. Stats show the 10% increase in junk food price did nothing to stop us eating it. Smokes – Shit heads in the outer suburbs are more likely to rob a servo or intimidate others in public to scab smokes.
The purpose of government isn’t to raise us like we are passive ants. It’s purpose is to protect the individual from the initiation of force from thugs.”

Our mutual friend Adzo add some comments:

“Governments distort the market from running cleanly, effectively and accurately through policy intervention. Pollution, in this case carbon, will be just another commodity that is traded. For business, a carbon tax or whatever, will be just another input cost that will be offset by raising the cost of the final product. Problems come when localised governments impose policy distortions at a local level, on a commodity which will be traded in a global marketplace. Kyoto, Copehagen, whatever are meeting to try and get some buy-in but also uniformity in the policy intervention to prevent local distortions have a disproportionate and massive impact locally due to the ability of business to relocate to another area where the local distortions are eased or minimised. Therefore legislating a local ETS that is pre-emptive of international settlement on consistent terms, is an incredible gamble for a bit player like Australia. Kinda like putting the cart before the horse and then betting ‘all or nothing’ that it will win the Melbourne Cup!”


Tiger Woods is a talented man. I don’t wish to take anything away from him in this post. If the market dictates that an elite few of sports stars are paid large salaries that’s fine. Using high wages as an incentive to bring forth the best to the spotlight makes sense. Same goes for actors and professional wrestlers.

Tiger Wood has more money than me. There’s a good he has more money than you.  Good on him I say! One thing that helps you to have less money is the government. It uses force to extract part of your wealth, part of your neighbour’s wealth and the wealth of those who wish to invest in industry.

Industry which in turn helps us to have jobs and once it gathers up this mass of stolen wealth it partakes in the process of wealth distribution which could be compared to throwing of a handful of rice confetti at wedding but rather than a bunch of scavenger birds swooping down on it, you get the human metaphysical equivalent, special interest groups and hired experts.

The ‘experts’ that government hire are nothing more than witch doctors dressed down in a conformative measure. Not always, but for the most part the special interest groups fail to understand basic economics and wealth creation choosing to live mentally in a magical land where the government has an unlimited capacity to throw cash left , right and centre. This plants an ugly axiom within the country’s youth’s minds that government is the answer to most problems.

So we have the immoral act of thieving going on. We are led to believe it shall pay for schools, hospitals and other infrastructure.  In some cases this is the case but often done in horrendously inefficient ways. Just like a drug addiction, the government wants more confetti to throw up in celebration that it has the cash and brains to solve anything and everything.

The Brumby Government, being a Labor government, loves spending your money. Recently it decided 1.5 million of your money NEEDS to be given to Tiger Woods so he’ll come to Melbourne to hit a ball with a stick all over the shop. IF THE PRIVATE SECTOR DOES NOT OFFER HIM ENOUGH CASH TO COME HERE THEN THE DEMAND TO SEE A GOLF STAR ISN’T TO THE PUBLIC’S FANCY.

Brumby is gambling that paying for Woods to be here will return 19 million into the economy. Gambling with other people’s money, shame on you Mr Brumby.


Here’s a simple, logical, explanation of why we just can’t have a nation of consumption.

Each nation needs production to keep it’s self alive. 

Peter Schiff Mortgage Bankers Speech Part 1 of 8 – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6G3Qefbt0n4


So the government jerks have raised tax on premixed booze so now a 4pk of Jack and cola cost $20. And you know what, KIDS WILL STILL BUY IT YOU MORONS!

And we might also have a $5 levy *coughTAXcough* so women can get preggers and take a year off or something. What if the dad wants to stay at home and raise the baby, does he get it as good.

And the death of the 2am pub crawl slash Saturday night club hopping in Victoria.

The bottom line is the government are jerks and must be stopped in a democratic manner.

Coming soon: Better posts.